The Business Survival Plan

Protecting you, your business and your employees from the unexpected.

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You are protected against some of the main risks your business faces.

The Business Survival Plan will pay both the costs of dealing with these risks and of paying any award that is made against you. The areas covered are:

Group personal accident:


The Business Survival Plan also gives you access to extensive professional advice free of charge. This includes:

Legal - a 24 hour a day service on any aspect of the law that a affects your business.

Tax Advice Line - available during working hours, the service helps you tackle any tax issue you need to resolve.

Health, Medical and Counselling Service - you and your staff have access to a Registered General Nurse, counsellors and health advisors who can help with a wide range of issues. These include non-diagnostic medical advice, giving up smoking and bereavement counselling among many other services.

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The real risk to business today comes from regulation.

Whether it is for employment disputes, VAT investigations or breaches of health and safety law, business owners are faced with a bewildering array of challenges.

The Business Survival Plan covers you for these risks and more.

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Protecting and securing the health, lifestyle and wellbeing of you and your loved ones.

SecurityTrust partners with certain underwriters at Lloyd's of London to provide innovative and value for money insurances and lifestyle protection.

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